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    School Supplies FAQ
    Posted on 06/14/2018
    School Supplies

    Couldn't make it to TCB Day? Pay for your school supplies online

    Starting in the fall of 2018 the West Woodland PTA is piloting a program to buy school supplies in bulk for the entire community. Our hope is that this program will reduce cost and complexity for parents, staff, and teachers. Please read the FAQ carefully and if you have questions, reach out to the parent volunteers at the information below. Please be patient with us as we roll out this brand-new pilot program. We're excited about this program and we hope you will be too!


    The goal of this program is to reduce the cost and burden on families and to streamline the process for teachers.

    How does it work?
    Parent volunteers will purchase the items and distribute them to teachers. (No more long trips to the store, no more lugging big bags of supplies to school on the first day!) All the supplies (except personalized items—see below) will be in place on the first day of school.

    How much will it cost?
    We ask that families pay $30 per child, though if this amount is burdensome we request that you give any amount (including nothing) that makes sense for your family. You'll receive this information in your TCB Day packet in August.

    Will I have to buy anything?
    The bulk buying program will cover items like glue sticks, paper, pencils, markers, crayons, etc. You will need to purchase a small amount of items that are specific to your class or your grade (as well as the personalized items kids like to choose, e.g., folders).

    2018-2019 Supply List
    While the PTA will be purchasing the majority of school supplies, there are a few class-specific items we ask families to bring. This list may be updated closer to the start of school.

    1st Grade
    L or XL child size white T-shirt for tie dyeing

    2nd Grade
    2 sturdy pocket folders

    3rd Grade
    2 sturdy pocket folders
    Supply box (9x5x3 "spacemaker" style works best)

    4th Grade
    2 sturdy pocket folders
    Pencil box

    5th Grade
    2 sturdy pocket folders
    Pencil box

    What if I can't afford the additional items?
    The school will continue to provide items at no cost for those that need them.

    Can I opt out?
    Our sincere hope is that each family that is able will pay a share of the total cost of supplies. The supplies will be used by each child whether their family pays or not. As a pilot program, the PTA is running a test to see if this is a program that we can continue. We believe the reduced cost and convenience is a benefit to each West Woodland family and our teachers and staff, and we hope you do too.

    What about donations to our sister school, Northgate Elementary?
    We will continue to run a school supply drive for our sister school. You also have the option of adding a donation to your school supply cost, which will be passed on to Northgate.

    Who is responsible for this program? Where can I ask questions?
    This program is run by volunteers (thanks in advance for your patience!). If you have any questions you can email Penny Carothers at or Katie Heinrich at

    I want to help more
    Alliance for Education is collecting donations donation on-line for Northgate Elementary school supplies. Please consider making a charitable donation to support our sister school.