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Principal's Weekly Message

Dear West Woodland Families,

Float Parade
One of the great traditions of West Woodland Elementary is our Kindergarten Heritage Float Parade! It is so much fun to see the projects of each one of the kindergartners worked on to show their family heritage. We have so many countries represented; even Seattle got a few floats this year. Well done kindergarten students!

Thank you to Michele Farnung and Ivonne DePauli for doing all the hard work to put this all together! We also appreciate any and all who jumped in to volunteer, make decorations, or help their children create flags. It is going to be a great event!

Enrollment information
Enrollment information from Seattle Public Schools will be arriving in the mail on Saturday.  They will no longer send out placement notices to families. A new online assignment look up tool will be explained in that letter, as well as information on how to find out where your child has been officially enrolled. If this is your neighborhood school, you will be assigned here unless you filled out placement papers to attend a different school.  

Please remember to email Ms. Sumpter at mpadler@seattleschools.org or call 252-1602 to let us know if your child will not be at school. (The email address in last week’s SNEAKS was missing an “s”, so be sure to use the correct email.)

I know drop off is crowded and challenging but please be conscientious so that the students are safe. I encourage student drop-off on the North side of the school, however, please be extra cautious about where you are parking and where students are trying to cross the street.  The crosswalk has an obstructed view due to the cars that park too close.  Please use extreme caution around the school. Children aren’t always as cautious as we would like them to be. We need to be extra cautious for them.

I hope your weekend is wonderful,

Tami Beach
Co-Principal/Assistant Principal

Positive Parenting of School Age Children
Join Anita Garcia Morales for this free, fun class for parents/caregivers who want to foster respectful and joyful relationships with children aged 5-12.  During this six week class there will be discussions about effective discipline (how to be kind and firm at the same time), understanding your child's behavior, and creating an environment of mutual caring and respect.  You will explore parenting styles and work on creating some tools for both self care and for building strong foundations for a positive lifelong relationship with your child.

Limited, free childcare is available for children 5-12 years old.  Registration is required for class and childcare.  Call 206-694-6727
When:  Six Wednesdays:  Feb 25, Mar 4, no class on Mar 11, Mar 18, 25, April 1, 8
From:  6:30 -8:30 pm
Where:  at FamilyWorks, 1501 N 45th Street, Seattle 98103
This class is free but donations are greatly appreciated.  FamilyWorks is supported by donations, grants, and funding from the City of Seattle Human Services Dept.

The 2015 West Woodland Gala - Save the Date
Save the Date!

The 2015 West Woodland Gala is coming up on April 25th. Please join us as we dine and dance the night away in support of our wonderful school!

When: Saturday April 25th - 7:00-11:00
Where: Lief Erikson Lodge in Ballard

More information coming soon, stay tuned!

Spring Enrichment: Registration Opens March 2nd @ 7am
Save the date! Registration for before and after school enrichment classes opens on March 2nd at 7am. Check the After School Activities page for more information.

Question?  Contact Angie Heinrich & Deb Carnegie at wwdenrichment@gmail.com

Looking for West Woodland PTA Board Members
The West Woodland PTA board leadership is beginning the process of looking to new board members in anticipation of our 2015-2016 school year. We would love to hear from West Woodland parents who are interested in advocating for our school and driving the success of our PTA programs by serving on our board, either this coming year or in years to come.  Do You have an interest in the PTA Board?
If you are interested in learning more about our PTA board, please contact Richelle Dickerson - richelledickersonpta@yahoo.com or Kirsten Mullins - kirstenmullins@hotmail.com,  our current PTA Co-Presidents. If a specific role on the board interests you, please let them know.   Richelle and Kirsten will be happy to answer any questions you may have, share more about  the commitment involved in being a PTA board member, and how to begin the process to be considered for a board position.

Save Your General Mills Box Tops!
General Mills Box Tops donates 10 cents per label turned in to them, all you need to do is look through your shelves, cut out the box top label (typically found on the top of the box) and deposit in the box near the front doors of the building (by the elevator.)  

For a complete list of products go to www.btfe.com and click on ‘Box Top Products’ on the lower right side.  Please make sure the coupons are not expired before submitting them and thanks for helping us raise funds for our school by using what is already in your kitchens!  

Shop for West Woodland
Did you know that every trip to the grocery store can help raise money for our school?  A trip to Ballard Market can give us 1% back from every receipt.  Simply save your receipts (and those of your friends, neighbors and acquaintances) and deposit them in the box located near the front doors of the building by the elevator.  Please try to keep them flat and rubber band them together if needed (no folding or crumpling if possible.)  Find out more (like how to raise money from your Safeway or Fred Meyer trips) by checking out our Shop for West Woodland page.

Woodland Park Zoo Education Programs
Woodland Park Zoo partners with West Woodland by providing a variety of programs to support student education. The programs are always changing, and often available during holiday breaks and early release days. 

Programs include Parents Night out, Scout Classes, Bug Club, and more!

Read more about each program, timing, availability and pricing

How to get SNEAKS
Are you receiving Sneaks, the emailed weekly Newsletter from West Woodland?  Can you log into the school web site:  www.westwoodlandes.seasttleschools.org?  Does your password not work?  

If you are having trouble with any of these things, the How to Get SNEAKS page will help you. It includes details instructions on how to get registered with The Source AND the West Woodland Web site (school fusion), so you can stay up to date!

I Care Stories
The first story comes from Ms. Walters.  Tess shows how accountable and engaged she is as she looks for ways to make her classroom a better place to live and learn.  She notices the needs, whether it’s cleaning up the materials after a science lesson, getting Ms. Walters a stool to sit on, or helping a classmate catch up on things they missed.  And then she does it quickly, quietly, and efficiently, all with a smile on her face!

The second story comes from Ms. Phelps and Ms. Loveness.  We have been grateful and appreciative of the volunteer work that some students have done on their own time.  We had 5 boxes of materials that needed sorting and grouping.  In all the students spent at least 6 recesses helping with this project.  We appreciated their compassion for recognizing that we did not have time to do this task.  They held themselves accountable by coming into the office without being asked.

These are the "stories" that are read by 4th/5th grade students over the intercom on Wednesday mornings.  This is one of the many ways we work to reinforce our I CARE Values at West Woodland.

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